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Mofidrahbar Audit firm was established in early 1993 as a non-trading firm to renders Professional Services to public entities and foundations and enhance their quality . It become a member of Iranian Association of certified Public Accountants (IACPA) by Council of ministers approval in 2001 . The firm is one of Tehran Stock exchange chosen audit firms to audit listed companies since 2000 Furthermore , The firm was awarded Excellency Certificate in 2010 .

Firm Quality control

Furthermore, the firm was awarded Excellence Certificate in 2010, 2011 and has been ranked as “A Level” by IACPA and T.S.E (Tehran Stock Exchange).


Become equal with best audit firms in our region from the point of “quality”, “efficiency” & “services variety” & best ethics conduct among countries audit firms.

Governing Bodies

General meeting

According to the Articles of Association , The main responsibilities and authority of General meeting are as under :

Appointment and retirement of Board members and setting their remuneration .

Setting firm`s strategy , policy and procedures

Approval of firm`s budget .

Approval of firm`s financial statements and its profit distribution.

Appointment of statutory Examiner .

Approval of share capital transfers .

Approval of any address changes .

Approval of local and /or foreign branch establishments

Approval of any changes to the articles of Association .

Approval of firm`s liquidation .

Board of Directors

Board of directors comprises three or five certified public accountants (CPAs) appointed by General meeting for two years . The Board has full authority for all of the firm`s affairs except those of General Meeting .

Independent Auditor and statutory examiner

An statutory - a real person - and one of IACPA member firms are appointed by General Meeting every year to examine and report on the firm`s financial statements and board of directors .

Service Departments

The firm has three directorates as follows :

Information Technology

to design and implement or procure software's needed by service and operating departments .

Quality control

To review critically the audit files as to the quality of audits performed and issue directives and guidelines for better performance.

Finance and Administration

To render services to firm`s different departments , handle accounting and financial affairs , perform budgetary controls and prepare annual financial statements .

Excellency management

To manage organizational Excellency affairs of the firm.

Operating Departments

Main professional activities of the firm are conducted by CPAs as senior managers and managers through the following departments :

Financial Audit Departments

With main function of independent audit and statutory examination of clients and rendering other professional services such as tax audit and share valuation to them .

Operational Audit

With it`s experienced professionals evaluates organizations and their affiliated companies performance and renders , as necessary , management consultancy .

Accounting and systems services

to render accounting and system design & implementation services to clients .


To manage capital Resource issues as: Development of H.R. strategy, staffing plan, policies, Recruitment, enrichment,….

Specialized committees

In order to perform its specialized and professional duties in the best manner , Mofidrahbar Audit firm has established 14 specialized committees comprising 31 experienced professional accountants and specialists under direct supervision of managing Director and board of directors. Each committee is supervised by one of board members. Main committees are as under:

Technical and law and Regulations committee

comprising seven professional accountants and specialists member to establish professional and technical rules , develop professional manuals , and present suitable solution to clients urgent accounting and auditing problems and staff queries .

Research and Training

comprising three professional accountants member to develop training , research and publication programmers and oversee seminars .


comprising three experienced accountants member for reviewing personnel ethical cases .

Human Resources

comprising three experienced accountants and for overseeing and monitoring personnel recruitments , quality and advancement programmers and reviewing feedbacks and planning for advancement of personnel quality .

Cultural , sport and wellbeing

comprising three experienced accountants and for planning , monitoring and coordinating cultural , sport and wellbeing of firm personnel , and quantitative advancement of such programmers and enhancing personnel religious beliefs and adherence to religious and professional ethical rules .

Information Technology

Comprising five expert professional accountant's member for monitoring software implementation, including management Information system (MIS) and computer audit, and preparation of prerequisites for their implementation.

Other committee

Including risk, marketing staff,s proposals system & Excellency committee to establish good governance in our firm


Professional staff in 2014-2015 comprised more than 89% of the firm personnel out of which, 25 were CPAs (Iran). Their classification as to their qualification and professional position are illustrated in the following table and chart (figure 1). Their classification as to their professional position and responsibilities are illustrated in the following table and chart (figure 2).


To discharge its responsibilities according to its Articles of Association, Mofidrahbar Audit firm has achieved thefollowings:


Financial Statement Audits:

The following services were rendered by the firm to over 400 clients in 2014-2015:






Financial Audits statutory examination                   



Tax Audits



Management letter



Special Reports



Liquidation Reports



Review Engagements and Interim Audits



Share valuation Reports



Operational Audits







Accounting Services

Accounting and book-keeping services were rendered to three clients during 2014-2015. 



Operational Audit

In order to enhance overall monitoring and audit functions over auditors, Operational Audit and Systems division was formed in early 2006 by recruiting expert and professional staff to render professional services, especially operational audit and management consultancy and systems services. Mofidrahbar Audit firm is one of forerunners in performing operational audits and in 2014-2015 has performed 35 operational audit projects.


Education and Training

Research and Training Committee develops educational policies and Topics for different professional staff levels, selects educational resources, monitor educational courses and exams annually. 20 educational courses with 10.803 man- hours Training on professional manuals, accounting and auditing standards, excellence issue were convened in 2014-2015.


Organizational Excellence

The firm has implemented the Excellency system based on EFQM (Europe Foundation for Quality Management) model, made two self-assessments by questionnaire, workshop and Performa, set its strategies based on BSC module. Developed its strategic plan and performance indicators and performed 18 enhancement projects in 2014-2015. Furthermore,enhancement, brainstorming and briefing session were held in 2014-2015. CRM project, three human resources projects, Educational Total System, Information Management (knowledge) System, Proposals System, implementation of Risk Management , benchmarking and B.S.C. are some of the firm enhancement projects .



Research Activities

To meet the clients` needs, the firm has several different research projects including development of control standards for entities, development of audit programs and checklists, major research on operational audit, accounting and auditing standards for non-profit entities, application of analytical procedures in auditing, translation of internal auditing standards, development of risk based audit manual, translation of internal auditors Professional code of Ethics and Responsibilities, translation of quality control manual as well as development of accounting and financial reporting systems for foundations and non-profit Public entities. “Fraud Risk Management”, “accounting for none-profit organization”, “value for money”, was also published by our firm.


Firm Quality control

 Mofidrahbar Audit firm has been amongst top quality control firm over past years according to the IACPA Quality control evaluations and was rated first among over 272 public accounting firms in 2014-2015.



Total income of our firm in 2014-2015 was RLS 181.9 billion (equal to $6M); the income budget for 2015-2016 has been approved as RLS 240 billion (equal to $8M.)


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


To become equal with best audit firms in our region from the point of “quality”, “efficiency” & “services variety” & best ethics conduct among Islamic countries,


Responsibility & Accountability


Independency & integrity



Anti corruption conduct


Observing laws & professional Standards

Value adding for stakeholders & customers



Specialized and Professional Services

Such services are as follows :

1. Audit services , including various audit engagements ;

2. Statutory Examinations ;

3. Financial management Consultancy ;

4. Financial systems Design and Implementation ;

5. Financial Accounting and Tax services ;

6. Insolvency and Liquidation ;

7. Services referred to by courts and judicial authorities within the above Services and accepted by the firm ; and

8. Other professional services identified and approved by IACPA High Council .